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Energy Conservation

Heat Recovery –

Are you sending waste heat out of your facility? How much energy are you paying for and not using? We can look at different ways to use that waste heat in your existing facility. Then we can determine the installation cost and associated savings for your situation.

Steam Analysis –

Steam is one of the most expensive utilities used in a facility. From the energy used in heating the steam, the associated piping and insulation, and the water treatment, wasted steam is very costly. We can perform audits, develop solutions, analyze better uses, look at condensate return systems, and other applications to help you save money.

Compressed Air Analysis –

Similar to steam, compressed air energy losses can become very costly. We can perform audits and make recommendations on energy savings methods. We can also help determine how to best handle your swings in compressed air demands.

Energy and Resource Conservation –

We have helped in numerous “Green” solutions. With the cost of utilities, any way to reduce your heating costs is helpful to the bottom line. Whether you have a furnace, oven, or other heat generating process, where can you use that heat. Why let it go out the exhaust stack? We have saved money for many clients by utilizing their waste heat.

Green Solutions –

We have been involved in many green projects. Part of the green movement is in resource reduction, but minimizing water use is not only green, but it saves you money. Not only the cost of water is saved, but more important is the sewer costs you save. We can help in this effort. Regarding lighting, ask about our polycarbonate experience. This has been a huge “green” innovation, with multiple options.


HVAC solutions have been a significant part of the green movement. We can look at the best way to condition your space, and minimize your energy use.