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Process Engineering

Process and Instrumentation Drawings (P&ID’s) –

Whether it is an entirely new process, a clean in place system, or waste and/or water reduction, it is important to understand the flow and controls. We first start with the design basis to start the change of a process. The Process and Instrumentation Diagram is the next step and is the heart of the engineering documents. This document is instrumental in determining the pieces and preliminary sizes of the equipment, provide line sizes, control methods, and more.

Utility Analysis and Design –

When a new piece of equipment goes in, it requires utilities. Do you know if you have enough compressed air, steam, nitrogen, natural gas, service water? We can help evaluate your needs and determine the best way to get your utilities to your equipment. Do you have pressure drop problems? Are you wasting steam or condensate, or do you have costly leaks? We have performed numerous utility audits for both waste or for determining whether new equipment will require additional needs. Not sure what kind of piping or valves you will need? We can help with that as well.

Fluid Processes –

Incompressible or compressible fluids, we have performed numerous calculations for many systems. What flow does your application require? What are the pressure drops associated with the system? We can determine your needs.

Equipment Bid Specifications –

We can write your bid specifications so you can get the best price and still meet your requirements. The bidding process is important in determining the best supplier for your needs.

Pump and Equipment Sizing & Selection –

Let us help determine your processing needs. There are many different types and kinds of pumps, deciding the right type and size is critical to your process.