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Project Services

Financial Analysis

Does your project make sense? Let us look at the layout, changes to the facility, demands on your utilities, and any modifications to the process. Then when we have all the information in front of us, when we get the complete scope, and have the construction cost estimate together, then we can help you in determining the feasibility of the project. We will help write your project justification based on the cost of the project and its associated payback or based on the reduction of risk.

Construction Cost Estimates

We provide construction cost estimates for multi-disciplined projects from $500 to $10 million.

Planning and Scheduling

We recognize you have a plant to run and production is vital to your bottom line. We plan the work to minimize effects on your production schedule. We will work around the clock to help assist in a smooth and efficient installation. Microsoft Project is our software platform we use for detailed schedules.

Scope Writing and Development

From the design basis document to the installation specifications, we provide the documentation to protect you from cost overruns, and to maintain project controls. This is a very important step in controlling project overruns and minimizes the risk of needing additional money before the project is done.

Contractor Bid Specifications and Evaluations

When bidding your project or installation, it is important to make sure that all contractors are bidding the same work. We also help evaluate the bids and clarify proposals if there are any discrepancies.